The ultimate guide: Do’s and Don’ts of selling online today

 Selling online today is all about the customer experience. Of you are not offering your clients what they don’t yet know they want, you are putting your brand at risk of elimination. So, how do you find the holy grail of selling online? Read this article and find out the do’s and don’ts of successfully running your own e-commerce store.

Back in the day, online stores were so rare that simply finding what you need online was a thrill on its own. Nowadays, as consumers become overwhelmingly surrounded by millions of products everytime they reach for their smartphone, revenue streams dry up. The over saturation of the e-commerce market leads to a situation where you are either going to significantly up your game, or see your customers leave. Selling online today, means you have to create a unique experience for your clients.

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So that leads us to the all important question: what are the do’s and don’ts of successfully selling online in 2017?


Do make it as easy as possible

The more time they spend navigating their way through your site to find what they are looking for, the less likely they are to actually make it to the check out. Make it easy for customers to purchase with a just few clicks and make them remember their experience. That’s what will keep them coming again and again.

Don’t underestimate the power of images

We have all seen our fair share of web-sites with bad product images. Don’t be one of them. Your credibility in the eyes of the customer lies solely in the way you tackle their hunger for visuals. Fuel the UX with great images to ensure that the carts are never abandoned and remember… nobody reads nowadays.


Do keep in touch

We all know the power of analytics, but don’t treat your consumers as numbers. A warm welcome is the key to you’re your new client’s heart. Targeted, intelligent and balanced contact with your customers can work miracles.


Don’t be annoying

Do talk to your clients, we say. Don’t be the bore, we beg. We are all familiar with the regret when a web-site bombards us with e-mails, the second we’ve hit the magical “purchase” button or signed up to their newsletter? Nobody says customers don’t want to receive the latest news from you, but the key is in understanding when, how and most importantly, now often.


Do stay up-to-date

Selling online is all about reinventing yourself once in a while to keep things spicy in a world where everything is flashy and in-your-face. Closely monitor the competition but also keep an eye on your clients’ likings. If they came, it doesn’t mean they’ll stay forever. You could easily fall out of the loop if you don’t bring something fresh to the table ever so often.


A tailored customer experience is crucial to selling online. So, do you have what it takes?