How to Sell Coffee Online – Start a Home-based Business

On average an Americans drink 1.6 cups of coffee every single day. Over the years, the coffee market has been rapidly increasing in large markets such as the UK, China and Japan, thus making it a great niche to be part of. People can be part of this market by creating a Shopify online store where you can sell your own coffee beans, ground coffee, pods or even coffee mugs. Moreover you can also sell caffeinated products on a monthly subscription and earn great sales through it.

Many businessmen who want to be part of this market create their own coffee from scratch, however if you want to just check out the market you can simply partner up with someone. Dropshippers are available who keep a large inventory of coffee in their warehouses, so when customers buy coffee from you, the dropshippers will pick and pack the order. This method is cost efficient as well as convenient to you. Since the most important part is over you can focus on things like advertising and market strategies.

With the help of Google you can easily find dropshippers. It is important to take some points into consideration while choosing your dropshipper. Some of the important considerations include production capacity and geographical limitation. In addition to this it is vital to make sure that the chosen dropshipper serves the intended market. Cost is an important consideration as well as subscriptions and tracking.

Coffee is a great product for subscription business. Monthly and quarterly subscription boxes have an extra value to the customers; this is because it makes the purchasing process easier for them as well as becoming a good gift for someone. The subscription boxes can be themed according to various flavors, regions, or different kinds of complementary products. This model is great to earn high revenues, as long as your customers are happy and satisfied and do not require the need to unsubscribe the subscription.

Online coffee business is a risk free business enterprise. It is cost efficient if you choose a supplier that does not come up with a high start up fee, this way you will be paying mostly for your website and marketing and advertising strategies. Make sure you mark up the products properly, this way you will earn proper profits on the sales of your product. Once you have begun generating the sales, make contact with your partner and figure out if you can add more discounts to your products so that you can increase your revenue margins and make your coffee brand more competitive.

Build your coffee brand around its market by mainly focusing on its advertisement and base it around a specific niche. For instance, wake & brew sells coffee to outdoor enthusiasts. If you know your target audience it can help with promotions and sales. It is important to join with other brands. Use social media sites to promote your brand such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter.