Among the many opportunities that are available to create online stores for selling products online, Face Book is one of the most popular ones. Many online store builder apps and websites have limited features or demand high fees. Face book, on the other hand, is a very economical option to do business online. Face book store has a lot of outreach as compared to other websites, and for a small sum of money, you can also advertise your product on a much larger scale. Websites may be visited many times a day, but with a Face Book store, you have a chance of having potential customers lingering all day long and thus increasing conversion chances.

How to setup your Face Book store?

    • There is an option to add a shop to your Face Book profile. You need to click on that. Once you are done, you need to agree to the terms and conditions and click accept.
    • The second step requires you to add business details. You need to give an address, an email id and a payment method. It is recommended that the email that you provide should be the one that gets all queries diverted to it. This way you will always remain in contact with your customers.

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  • Face Book officially does not offer any other payment options other than Stripe. You can make it flexible by ensuring other payment methods as well as an independent choice.
  • After that enter the few more requirements that pop up and finish the setup.
  • Now that your shop has been set, it is the time that you start adding products to your shop.
  • The products that you add should have complete information. The dimensions, the size, and the color should all be included. This will help the customers make informed decisions.
  • Each item that you add should be accompanied with photographs taken from different angles.
  • The pictures should be clear and taken from various perspectives so that the customers have a right idea about how the product will look.
  • Keep adding products; you also have an option to make different albums for various products. This way you can categorize your products according to different categories they belong to.
  • An organized shop makes a good impression on the customers and makes it easy for them to browse the store.
  • Have real time updates activated for your Face book store, this way whenever you update your shops on the website or Shopify, it gets updated on the face book store as well.