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How to start online store without inventory

Starting an online business might sound like a scary idea. But it can be extremely easy and you can even do it sitting from the comfort of your own home. A lot of times people are discouraged about starting an online store because they imagine having to rent offices and storage spaces where they will have to maintain their inventory. However, this does not always have to be the case. You can create online store but have no inventory as well! The only thing you need is an online store builder, which you can get from companies like Shopify!

There are several ways to do create online store selling products online which only requires a website and no need for you to keep and maintain an inventory. There are tons of online store builders which can help facilitate your endeavors. If you have a vision and an idea about what you will sell; you can easily set up an online store with the help of an online store builder.

Here are some ways to do that:

1 . Locate reliable vendors

If there is a certain product you want to sell online such as clothing or make up; you need to find a vendor which sells their products to authorized sellers to sell to consumers. There are a lot of companies that do not sell their good directly to consumers but actually hire people as representatives who can set up their own selling network to sell the company’s product. You can work for such a company and create online store where you can upload the catalog of what the company sells and then when customers order products, you can put in orders with the company to further send them to your customer. This way you do not have to keep any inventory but only need to get some when the orders come in.

2. Resell Items

Another way to go about selling products online and not keeping any inventory is to find different stores and retailers where you live and enter into agreements with them. You can talk to them about selling their products online and cut them a portion of the profit. You could find great items such as clothing or jewelry which is made locally and sell it online and earn a lot of money. Since people love unique items, you can sell things which are native to your part of the world so that there is a big market for it internationally. This way you can wait till you have an order, get it from the local vendor’s store and ship it out to your customer.

3. Custom Made

If you are an artist thinking of doing business online, you have endless options. You can get your art printed on t-shirts, bags, pins and more! All of this would count as customized items thus you would not have to keep an inventory at all but wait for customers to place their orders and then you could have them printed and sent to those who ordered them.

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4. Make a prototype

If you are a jewelry or clothes designer, then you can always have the option of making one prototype which you can photograph and upload on the page. Then when customers order you can have more made. This way you do not waste any money or time on making dozens of the same thing and you can also save space as no inventory will have to be kept! This will help you a lot since you will only make as many products which you have to sell anyway and not have any leftover inventory.

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